The Challenge

With kids products, there are usually a lot of moving parts – literally — they can come with a lot of parts! For Zoom Tubes, Mojo had to figure out a way to showcase all of the parts and pieces included with purchase, as well as different track configurations that could be built with the kit, without the site looking too cluttered and busy. Zoom Tubes has also won numerous awards, so we had to find a creative way to incorporate those as well, front and center, on the landing page.

The Solution

Mojo was able to create a site for Zoom Tubes that was eye-catching for the customer, as well as informative and inclusive of all offerings. Zoom Tubes pulls almost all of its traffic from mobile devices, so moving images and .gifs help to save space on what could end up being an extremely long and photo-heavy site on mobile.

Zoom Around on Mobile


Mojo utilizes responsive web design to ensure that sites translate seamlessly & continue to convert orders on smaller screens – a critical feature for a campaign like Zoom Tubes with over 90% of site visitors browsing on mobile devices.


Massive Volume


Mojo’s infrastructure built on the Microsoft Azure Cloud is easily able to handle Zoom Tube’s massive traffic volume.


Always Kid-Friendly


COPPA compliancy is not something you take lightly.  Whenever we’re asked about COPPA compliance on our sites, we respond with a resounding YES! All Mojo websites for kids’ products are fully compliant!